About Us

"Where's the Ricotta John?"

That was the call from neighbours and local shops, when John Ferraro decided to experiment in his mum’s kitchen over 50 years ago. The name Ferraro has been linked to some of the finest tasting Italian cheeses, produced using milk sourced from the Gippsland region in Victoria.

It started when John, who is 6th in line out of 8 kids, decided to experiment in his mum’s kitchen with a pot on the stove to make some Tuma cheese. Out of this, came the Ricotta.

After being up very early helping his Dad in the family fruit shop every Sunday morning, he would go home and start his cooking. It almost became a ritual where his brothers and sisters would wake up to the smell of his cheese cooking on the stove, which is where the call of “Where’s the Ricotta John?” came from.

Soon, the neighbours were calling out “Where’s the Ricotta John?”. When local shops got wind of this delicious, smooth, creamy Ricotta, they were asking where to buy this Riccota that “John” made?

After outgrowing the kitchen, he moved to a garage in Coburg with a gas burner and 12 milk cans. A dairy farm in Epping was next, and with some family help, the business soon had several more moves to keep up with the many orders of his famous Ricotta. Our last move was to Tullamarine where we have been for the last 24 years. John’s two sons, daughter, and grandsons have all joined the family business. The tradition and know-how, are in good hands and we will continue to give you that superior quality you have come to love.

All our products are Australian made, so you can have that peace of mind we are supporting our farmers and our country. From 1 “pint” of milk on the stove, you can be assured that every batch of Ferraro Cheese is still made, with that “drop of excellence”